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I speak Social Media!social

In today’s business world, Social Media profiles have become a measuring tool that the wired consumer goes to investigate you.  Even if you are not updating it several times a day, if you don’t have a twitter account for you business, people will think you are behind the times.  RP3 will promote your social media profiles to targeted followers.  I guarantee you will get more exposure using my services.  I’m not saying that I will bring you so much traffic that you will become a millionaire (but I am implying it ; )

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social2RP3 will create the design elements to brand your digital footprint with material matrimony.  Ahhhh, I mean I will create the headers and the backgrounds so that your social media channels will look professionally consistent.  I have been designing corporate identities since before corporations had identities, I’m talking back when they called it “desktop publishing.”  When your ideas meet my creativity the end result is truly an event that will catch your visitors eyes.

Socialize | Business | Network | Kitchen Sink


Website Design

social3In the physical world Distribution is King and Marketing is Queen.  But online its a different ballgame.  Online,  Content is King and Marketing is (still) Queen.  When business websites first became popular they were merely glorified brochures that basically told your visitors, who, what, why, when, and where about your organization.  A lot of websites are still like that.  However, the Internet has done something that no other medium has been able to provide in the history of business communication tools.   Your website and now social media provides a platform for instant feedback.  I like to think of it as your greatest sales person.  It doesn’t go off message.  It hardly ever has a sick day.  It always takes the correct information.  It doesn’t need a nap or a day off.  It works 24/7.  It can speak any language.  It shows off your work. If I do it, it will always be dressed for success. 🙂  and I could go on but hopefully you understand that a website is a worthwhile investment not a necessary evil.

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Social Media and Website Integration. 

social4Believe it or not some companies have websites and twitter accounts but they have never been introduced to each other.  Others have websites and Facebook accounts but they only have a small link from one to the other.  This no not Integration, its just honorable mention.  I will integrate you website and your social media platforms so that not only do they compliment each other, they will promote and interact with each other on a regular basis ensuring that a consistent message goes out across all channels.

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Cross Channel Promotion

social5RP3 has over 300,000 friends, followers and professionals across his entire digital footprint.  That means in a matter of hours and a few clicks your message or organization can be pushed to people all over the world.  Does that mean you gain thousands of followers or customers over night.  NO!  He’s not Oprah!  But they don’t call him the 6 million dollar man for nothing.  What it does mean is that there will be alot more people that  see your video or read your post than just the average update.  RP3 guarantee’s exposure remember not followers.  Following is a permission based interaction.   Meaning I can’t force people to follow you or your organization but I am darn good at persuading them to or at getting your communication in front of them to consider it.  Best of all its measurable.  You will get regular updates that breakdown the kind of progress that is being made to ensure you are getting your money’s worth.

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Banner Ads

social6Thought banner ads were dead?  Not necessarily.  Whether you bleed red or blue, banner ads helped Obama win the White House…. TWICE!  Before you click away, I’m not talking politics here but effectiveness.   Banner ads are still an integral part of any marketing mix worth its salt.   RP3 will create a multi-sized banner ad campaign to be displayed on sites in our network that we manage the advertising for.  We’re talking unlimited views and clicks on throughout a channel consisting of millions of views, thousands of visitors, hundreds of  pages, tens of sites but all on one network.

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ad_14_125x125When you invest in our Network Package, Not only will RP3 promote you through his network of 300,000 plus friends and professionals, not only will you get banner ads displayed throughout the high traffic network of sites we manage but he will take 20% of your monthly budget and reinvest it into paid advertising methods to increase your overall exposure.

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