Super Dad



This is a shout out to the unemployed underemployed and/or self employed Fathers out there who have for the economy or whatever reason been turned into a “Soccer Dad.” aka Super Dads

So a typical day goes like this.

Wake up at 5 to an abused alarm clock to drag the children our of bed by 5:30.

Get everybody downstairs to drink their water.

Face, Teeth, Deodorant, and CLEAN clothes.

Cook oatmeal with walnuts and raisins.

Breakfast for everyone who “wants it.”

Send someone to start the van.

Pull the clothes out of dryer from last nite.

Throw new load in from the washer in the dryer.

Throw new set of clothes in washer.

Make sure everybody has book bags, lunches, homework, coats, and hats.

Jump in the van to leave the house by 7ish with your story hour on while everybody sleeps on the way to school.

Fight through D.C morning rush hour traffic for the next 45 mins to get everybody to school on time.

Pray and get everyone in the building.

Drop Wifey and/or James (adopted adult son) off at the train station for work.

Make my way downtown to Wholefoods (the office) to get breakfast and “clock in” by 9ish to ATTEMPT to get some work done.

Run back to school to catch #1 singing for worship at 11

Then 30 mins in traffic to Target to take something back.

Another 30 mins in traffic for a “quick” trip to pay a bill.

Another 30 mins in traffic back to Wholefoods (the office) to check email, see if anything is pressing and a second attempt to get some “work” done.

By this time it is 2:30 ish so have to quickly pack up and rush back to school to pick up #4 by 3:30 otherwise have to pay extra for afterschool care.

Band practice for #3 ends at 4.

Piano practice for #2 ends at 4:30.

Choir practice for #1 ends at 5 ish.

So from 3:30 to 5 helping#4 with his homework and running around the school yard to play with him while we wait on #1, 2 & 3

As they trickle to the car they start their homework.

Pack it in by 5:15 to fight evening rush hour traffic home.

#1, 2 & 3 continue homework in the van or crash from waking up so early.

Get home about 6ish.

Me or #2 starts dinner while everyone gets settled.

Collect dirty school uniforms.

Remove load of clothes dried from the morn.

Dry load of clothes washed from the morn.

Throw a new load in the wash.

Homework sessions till dinner at between 6:45 and 7:15ish.

Flute practice for #3 at 7:30.

#1 or #2 starts on dishes and straightening up.

#1, 2 or 3 gives number #4 a bath.

Everybody else start baths.

School uniforms prepared for next day in between musical showers.

Prayer, hugs,kisses and story for bed by 8:30ish.

Jump back on the comp to TRY to salvage something that resembles work needed to be done from the day to have some sense of accomplishment.

Run out to pick up Wifey from the train station after her long day at the office at 11ish.

At home ~ Work till eyes get heavy.

Wake up on the floor or at my desk drooling.

Drag myself to bed about 1ish

Rinse and Repeat.

Moms who work in the home should have bronze statues made for them.

Single moms doing all this and holding down a 9 to 5 should have monuments and school buildings named after them.

Dads (single or married) should at least get a trophy for attempting to fill their shoes.